Sawyer Aviation – Scottsdale Freak Storm (high-wind & hail) 10-05-2010

FEATURED VIDEO: On October, 5th, 2010 Scottsdale, AZ – without warning a freak storm of un-forecast intensity and unparalleled force devastated Scottsdale, AZ and the greater Phoenix-Metropolitan area with tropical-storm force winds that gusted up to 70mph and golf-ball-sized hail. $1.37-million worth of Sawyer Aviation aircraft were exposed to the wrath of the storm. Over 500 aircraft in total were affected by the high wind and hail damage. One Gulfstream jet (heavy-jet), a former charter aircraft, was completely totaled. The owner of the Gulfstream had just made the decision to stop paying to hangar his aircraft a few days before the storm – a multi-million-dollar mistake for sure. Luckily all of the Sawyer Aviation's hangared-aircraft clients had their aircraft safely inside.

Aircraft that were parked outside were set for repairs to 100% like new condition within a matter of days of the passing storm. Sawyer Aviation's aircraft were set to be the very first to repaired by the best aviation structural-repair specialists in the world. Keeping with its already industry leading safety practices, Sawyer Aviation voluntarily grounded the exposed aircraft until they could not only be thoroughly evaluated by Sawyer Aviation's own seasoned Director of Maintenance but until the aircraft manufacturer's and outside specialists could be consulted and verifying that Sawyer Aviation's aircraft were 100% safe for return to flight.

The following day, residents in Northern Arizona were not so lucky; the storm produced tornadoes that destroyed buildings and toppled trees. Thanks to aircraft onboard-weather equipment, sound safety procedures and proper pilot training, all pilots and passengers who were flying when the storm occurred either diverted to their alternates or successfully avoided the storm until it was safe to land.

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COMPANY BIO: Sawyer Aviation continues to be the southwest's aviation leader with operations in jet-aircraft charter, sales, aircraft-acquisition consulting, flight training, and aircraft management. Founded in 1961 "Sawyer" has been synonymous with aviation in the valley for half-a-century. Sawyer's 50-year tradition of excellence has garnered quite a distinguished charter-client list ranging from actors, high-ranking government officials, comedians, athletes and business luminaries large & small. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ Sawyer Aviation's flight-training department is one of the oldest flight-training academies in Arizona — no coincidence that Arizona is the #1 place in the world to learn to fly. With 6,000+ graduates, some of Sawyer's graduates have gone on to become Captains of Air Force One. Whether someone is looking to purchase a business aircraft for coast-to-coast travel, live a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot, or arrange a jet for a meeting or a special occasion — Sawyer's team of dedicated professionals are ready to serve their clients today, tomorrow and for the next 50 years. Sawyer Aviation — We take you above it all.

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