Solo Cross-Country Flight | KSDL-KFFZ-KPAN | C172N

Fly with me as I conduct my second solo cross-country flight starting at my home base (KSDL) and stopping by at Falcon Field (KFFZ) for the trip to Payson (KPAN). On this flight I cut someone off in the traffic pattern at Falcon Field, which resulted in me copying a phone number. A report was filed and I was mad. This made the whole flight a lot less enjoyable. I learned from my mistake though. ALWAYS keep your eyes on the airplane you are told to follow. I was busy getting the airplane configured to land and assumed he was on final, I then looked at the approach path and saw an airplane on final. So I followed them thinking it was the airplane I was told to follow. I was told to do a left 360, meanwhile the airplane I was supposed to follow slipped in behind me and I followed him in for the landing. Please learn from my mistakes as it will make us all better pilots. This video will also give people a laugh who know better than I do. The airplane is a 1979 Cessna 172N Skyhawk rented from Scottsdale Executive Flight Training. Thank you for watching! Please leave a like, and subscribe for more. THE VIDEOS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT! NOT FOR TRAINING!

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