The BEST New Fighter Jet F-18 HORNET! (Ravenfield New Vehicles Update Gameplay)

Ravenfield New Update Gameplay: New Vehicles Modding (Ravenfield Beta Gameplay) FA-18c Hornet Fighter Jet!

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This was recorded on the beta access branch of Ravenfield where they're currently doing vehicle testing. Ravenfield is a low poly first person game that is awesome, mkay.

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  1. Hi, I have been a huge fan since 100 subs, you helped me through some depression and hard times, I just wanna say thank you

  2. Tank- Over powered
    Flak gun- Over powered
    A YouTuber that covers war games-Over powered
    All of the above combined in one

    • Forget that we need the Skimmers from Alien Vs Predator Rage War books, the APC from Aliens, and a Dropship from Aliens. Of course the Dropship would be a bit O.P due to it having a estimated 20 missle son each wing meaning 40 missles total which are all rapid fire.

    • Creator of the F/A-18C here (Sui),
      If you’ve read the Steam Workshop page obviously the entire Model, Sounds, Icons and such are exported from Battlefield 3 and 4 it’s giving overall a good feeling when flying this jet this is why we decided to export everything.

  3. Percentage of casualties of Barons teammates. 20% Run over by vehicles 30% Killed by enemy 40% “relieved of command” by Baron

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